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Koh Kret E Scooter Tour

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During covid times our main customers have been local Thai people and expats wanting to explore parts of Bangkok they’ve not seen by electric scooter. As a result we’ve had requests to do tours in some interesting places one of which was a request last week to do a scooter tour on Ko Kret island. The customer was a dad and his three sons and our tour guide was Mr Sugar. We’d done many cycling tours on the island with Jamming Bike Tours  but this was the first time we’d done an escooter tour.

The island has no cars and few roads, locals travel around on the island on raised walkways, which are prefect for traveling by electric scooter.  As Ko Kret is a remote part of Bangkok, there are few foreign tourists but the island is popular with Thais. Koh(Ko) Kret island was created in 1722, when a canal was dug as a shortcut in bend in the on the Kret branch of the Chao Phraya river. The island is home to many Mon people with their distinct identity and version of Buddhism. The island is particularly well known for Mon pottery.

Koh Kret ferry
Crossing the Chao Phraya River to Ko Kret

The tour started at 10:00 am at the Ferry to Koh Kret where our guide Mr Sugar met the the group. They all crossed over on a local wooden ferry then a quick lesson on how to operate the escooter and everyone set off on the tour.

Wat Paramaiyikawat

The first stop is Wat Paramaiyikawat this is an ancient Buddhist temple located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The temple is a Mon temple and is believed that it was built in the late Ayutthaya period.

temple is a leaning 10-meter high Mon-style chedi.

Pottery factory

Here at a local pottery factory the group got to try out making pottery from scratch. They started by shaping the clay on a wheel, then etching out a patterns, before putting their creations in the kiln.


There are lots of different Thai pottery products you could buy such as coffee cups, plates, incense burners, vases, and hot-pot sets. But make sure you bring a bag with you if you want to but any.

Koh Kret Market

Our next stop on the escooter tour was Ko Kret market this market has a wide selection of food. Here our small group tried delicious local Thai fruits. At the market there are many vendors selling snacks and desserts all around the island, and riverside restaurants offering to try a Mon style food.

Tasting fruit in Koh Kret Market
Trying some local Thai fruits at Ko Kret market on a escooter tour.

Local Lunch

After visiting the the market we next stop at a local Mon Thai restaurant where we had lunch.

Eating a local lunch at Ko Kret
After a long day scooting around the island it’s time for a Thai lunch.

Khlong Khanom Wan

The Dessert Canal or Khlong Khanom Wan is the local market in Ko Kret famous for its traditional Thai home-made desserts and sweets.

Jungle path in Koh Kret with escooters
Scoot along a the raised jungle paths on Ko Kret island.

Wat chimphli

The last place on our trip was Wat Chimphli Sutthawat, formerly known as Wat Pa Fai, this temple that dates back to the mid-Ayutthaya period. The small, boat-shaped ordination hall contains a number of Buddha images and Buddha relics. At the entrance of the temple grounds you can see a pair of Chinese “rock giants”

If you’d like to do this tour yourself we offer it as a private tour, please contact us on info@bangkokescooter.tours  or use are contact form here

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